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How IHCHI works

The Institute for Human Centered Health Innovation (IHCHI) is on a mission to firmly place humans, their needs, and perspectives at the starting point of health Innovation.


IHCHI is a self-organizing association of purpose-driven Individuals, sharing a common desire to explore, design and act on human-centered approaches to health Innovation and contribute to the common good.


IHCHI fosters diversity in thought and background, is stakeholder independent and non-exclusive. IHCHI members are eager to learn from each other, challenge the known, and push to new frontiers.


IHCHI members are encouraged to bring in their own ideas, projects, and challenges in order to harness the diverse perspectives within the IHCHI innovation community and their extended networks, enabling meaningful collaboration in the process.


While Individuals or self-formed and -managed teams retain responsibility for driving their initiatives forward throughout, IHCHI as an organization actively provides support in terms of mentoring, connecting, facilitation, moderation, and communication.


Believing deeply in learning by doing, and the principles of open-science and agile collaboration, we ensure that all learnings, insights, and collective points of view are captured and made public in order to make a significant contribution in thought leadership on human-centered health innovation.

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IHCHI supports and encourages new thinking, ideas, concepts, and solutions that fall within the following three aspects of human-centered health innovation:


  • Amplifying the extent to which people and their needs drive the innovation process, including efforts to ensure that traditionally neglected voices are heard and involved

  • Empowering people to engage in their health and that of society, including disease prevention

  • A holistic consideration of health that goes beyond disease-free status and focuses on what it means to thrive


Read more: The IHCHI position paper on what do we mean by human-centered health innovation

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