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Together with a group of founding members coming from different geographies and stakeholders we have established five workstreams in which IHCHI will collaborate towards human centred health innovation. These workstreams cover a range of challenges, topics and value propositions, albite from different perspectives and with different ambitions. Each workstream will co-create their outcomes while connecting with each other on shared topics which we call “crossroads”.

The crossroads between the five workstreams is exemplified through the IHCHI Tube Map: 

1. The Principle Circle Line; in which we will co-define what an ideal human centered health innovation journey

should encompass and co-create a playbook for innovators.

2. The Panorama Line; in which we will capture the bigger picture of the ecosystem landscape by co-creating a compelling

and umambiguous semantically sound narrative for a human centred approach to health innovation.


3. The Science Basics Line; in which we will co-create a reference model that allows for a more holistic

view of disease by integrating external health determinants.

4. The Hands-On Line; in which we will explore new forms of collaboration around concrete health needs with a special focus on building de-centralized minimal viable ecosystems (MVE’s).

5. The Exploration Line; in which we will create future health scenarios that will enable business model innovation for

preventive medicine and catalyze concrete solutions to implement.

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