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How to participate

Participation is open to everyone who shares IHCHI’s vision to make health innovation more human centered. The admission is free of cost; however, we do appreciate you to sign up as a member using the form for request below. This way we learn to know your interests and can keep you informed on the activities within the IHCHI innovation community.


As an organization IHCHI is fully independent and self-financed.  Therefore, we welcome IHCHI members to consider a membership contribution. Any donation is appreciated.

To become a member, please register here 

IHCHI supports and encourages new thinking, ideas, concepts, and solutions that fall within the following three aspects of human-centered health innovation:


  • Amplifying the extent to which people and their needs drive the innovation process, including efforts to ensure that traditionally neglected voices are heard and involved

  • Empowering people to engage in their health and that of society, including disease prevention

  • A holistic consideration of health that goes beyond disease-free status and focuses on what it means to thrive


Read more: The IHCHI position paper on what do we mean by human-centered health innovation

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