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The current health system has been built to diagnose and treat disease. As a result great achievements have been made for billions of patients over the past 80 years. At the same time our healthcare system in the "developed" world is starting to show its limits, when it comes to health challenges such as; the rising costs, the persistent global in-equality as well as our aging population. Despite big advances in the past decades, medical progress seems to wear itself out, especially with regard to the growing burden of non-communicable diseases. 

In order to face these challenges a paradigmshift is overdue. Instead of mostly focussing on the disease/health continuum we need to turn our perspective around and reach out for a better understanding of health itself. This concept is not new and has been framed as P4 Medicine: Participatory, Preventive, Predictive and Personalized. The implementation of P4 Medicine, however, has been slow, if at all. At IHCHI we believe that change is needed and imminent!


Exploring and catalyzing hands-on solutions on the frontier of P4 medicine, IHcHI is on a mission to shape the commons of the emerging human-centered health innovation eco-system and drive collaboration in a multi stakeholder setting.

The emergence and wide adoption of digital technologies by the citizen facilitates the above mentioned paradigm shift. However, in order to unleash it’s full potential the innovation process needs to be reversed. Rather than engineering from lab to bedside, we shall start with the human, putting us, the individuals, at the starting point of the endeavour. Exploring this new frontier, what we like to call the human centered health innovation, we will be able to attain a better understanding of the health/disease continuum leading to a new breed of solutions providing outcomes which are based on evidence and relevant

for the individual.

What we will experience is mostly a cultural change — although induced by the development and extensive use of the digital technologies in the past decades.. The paradigm shift towards human-centered health will not only require new thinking but also and most of all, new ways of exploring, organizing and implementing innovation. This re-invention will have to happen at

an ecosystem level, shaping the common ground on which new, human centered approaches and solutions can emerge.


1. Innovation Community:

Creating a pan-European network of inspired health innovation professionals coming from different backgrounds and share the vision and engage in co-creation fostering trans-disciplinary collaboration.

2. Hands-on Mindset: 

We want to learn by doing, taking co-ownership in the health challenges that need to be tackled, working step by step towards a common goal providing outcomes serving the innovation ecosystem as a whole.

3. Collaborative Approach:

We want to facilitate consortium partnerships around identified health challenges in order to catalyze lighthouse projects creating a playbook for human centered health innovation through best practices.

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