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Challenger Board

The Challenger Board aims to be a diverse group of constructive, critical, integrative, transdisciplinary thinkers that primarily aims at constructive challenging of ideas, assumptions, paradigms, hypes, and all other subjective elements that will sneak into our human centric scientific discussions and running project. In addition, we develop an "early risk detection" approach for the association and its affiliate organizations, aiming to identify and communicate key risks for the development of IHCHI and its activities. The basic idea is: if risks of any type are identified and communicated as early as possible, interventions can be more effective and less costly, including costs that are more difficult to measure. In other words, this body is the custodian of the guiding principles of the association. It is entitled to adjust its approach to the type of risk and the most appropriate way of managing that risk. Every project, work stream, or any other output coming from IHCHI is, in principle, subject to approval by the challenger team. The challenger team raises red flags to the executive board, which decides on actions, according to the statutes of the association. The executive board has the right to ignore those red flags raised by the Challenger Board, but has to record their reasoning for such a decision, in a way that makes that 'decision to ignore' transparent to all IHCHI members. 

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